Aim and Scope

  The scientific journal “International Journal of Word Art” is an open-access journal and the main aim of the journal is to highlight the achievements, problems, and prospects of philology, linguadidactics and education, in particular, the history and stages of development of philology and education in Uzbekistan, development paths, scientists who have made a great contribution to philology and education in Central Asia, as well as in world philology, linguadidactics and education.

 Moreover, the objective of the scientific journal “International Journal of Word Art” is to inform the scientific community about the problems of improving the research and innovation in this area, to further increase the interest of the younger generation in philology, linguadidactics and education and to express the scientific views of experts and scientists.

The journal “International Journal of Word Art” covers research results in the following areas:

10.00.01 – The Uzbek language

10.00.02 – The Uzbek literature

10.00.03 – The Karakalpak language

10.00.04 – European, Australian and American nationalities’ language and literature

10.00.05 – Asian and African nationalities’ language and literature

10.00.06 – Comparative literary studies, comparative lexicology and translation studies

10.00.07 – Theory of literature

10.00.08 – Folklorism

10.00.09- Journalism

10.00.10- Textual criticism and literary source studies

10.00.11- The theory of language. Practical and computer linguistics

10.00.12- Karakalpak literature

 These topics are addressed in full-length research papers, review papers and short review papers. The scientific journal “International Journal of Word Art” presents a platform for researchers, PhD students, educators and Master students to both learn from and contribute to the field.